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June 14, 2011
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Jackal Lies down on Broadway by tapewolf Jackal Lies down on Broadway by tapewolf
This is Cassandra Daryil, or Cass as she is generally known. Actress, dancer, seductress and general thorn in Lord Daryil's side.

Despite her confidence in the spotlight or when hunting, Cass is naturally shy and somewhat timid, a problem which took her a long time to overcome on stage and which has lead to some thinking of her as an airhead. Partly because of this she has never played a leading role, but has played a wide range of minor roles including in several major films.

To satisfy her love of glamorous clothing (and feed on some of the baser emotions) she will often work the cabaret circuit as an exotic dancer between film shoots.

Cass is most widely known among Daryil clan for her occasional habit of breaking into Beings' homes, seducing them and pretending to devour their souls so as to feed upon their terror (to the great disapproval of her Clan Leader).
Normally kind and cheerful, Cass' victims typically awake to discover a letter of apology and a cheque or money order for several thousand gold dollars.

Rumour has it that Daryil's Clan retains a legal department dedicated solely to mopping up after these antics. Owing to their similar appearances, Cass has sometimes impersonated Keaton Jyraneth while victimising Beings and has been beaten up by the real one on several occasions.

Colouring and inking by myself, original pencils by :iconrengaulen:. Thanks for drawing her!
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mostly anthros with those wings are bad news
Yeah. In that universe you want to be very cautious around anything which has wings - usually it means they're full of magic and may be dangerous.
A shy and timid exotic dancer who seduces beings; an interesting combination of thought process to actions. Due to her antics, I can see she fits quite well into clan Daryl :p. Maybe if enough clan members acted like her, Daryl would realize why his own actions annoy so many people since he himself is vexed by Cass who sounds similar in nature to him.
Yeah, but what she's doing might get her killed. What Daryil does, less so...
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